Şölen Özgüz

Member of the Group Executive Board and Head of Group Corporate Center

Solen joined QPES AG in 2017 after a short relaxing period. Starting her career as Metallurgical engineer, she continuously developed her skills adding years of experience. First, she put into her bag of expertise with an MBA degree on Marketing studying at Bournemouth UK. Then she fully jumped into IT industry and started her professional career as Product Manager within the umbrella of a multinational US company. Within this company her skills attracted the international management, and she became the first ISO trained person in that geography of the company and she implemented the ISO 9001 quality system for the whole organization.

After long years of work, she decided to leave the company and worked as Quality Consultant within Turkish Quality Association. Various industries expertise was added during a couple of years of working under this association. After an intense working period, she started to work as an entrepreneur in the family company. During this period, she added more experience in establishment, operation, finance apart from management and marketing. Within a few years, she joined QPES AG team at the end of the 3rd year where she was appointed as Chief Operating Officer for QPES AG.

When Just Faster group is established in 2022, Solen got promoted to become the Executive Member of the board and appointed as Director and Advisor of the Corporate Centre while operationally managing the five companies of Just Faster Group.

Just-Faster AG

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