January 1, 2024

QPES Partners with OpenText Professional Services

Driving digital transformation, QPES has joined forces with OpenText Professional Services to implement an innovative solution for a leading Greek conglomerate. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to streamline business processes and enhance operational efficiency within the organization.

The project, spearheaded by QPES and supported by OpenText Professional Services, focuses on the development and deployment of a digital personnel file solution powered by OpenText technology. With the aim of modernizing the conglomerate’s HR operations, the implementation encompasses various aspects of personnel management, including document storage, access control, and compliance management.

By leveraging the expertise of both QPES and OpenText Professional Services, the conglomerate is poised to achieve a seamless transition from traditional paper-based processes to a digitally-driven workflow. This transition not only facilitates easier access to employee records but also enhances data security and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Collaboration between QPES and OpenText Professional Services

One of the key objectives of the collaboration is to create a centralized repository for all employee-related documents, ensuring easy access and retrieval of information as needed. This centralized approach not only streamlines HR operations but also promotes collaboration and information sharing across departments.

Furthermore, the implementation of the digital personnel file solution is expected to yield tangible benefits in terms of time and cost savings. By eliminating the need for manual document handling and storage, the conglomerate stands to realize significant efficiencies in its HR processes, allowing resources to be allocated more effectively towards strategic initiatives.

Throughout the implementation process, QPES and OpenText Professional Services have worked closely with the conglomerate’s internal teams to ensure alignment with organizational objectives and requirements. This collaborative approach has enabled the development of a customized solution tailored to the conglomerate’s unique needs and preferences.

As the project progresses, QPES remains committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to the conglomerate, ensuring a smooth transition and successful adoption of the digital personnel file solution. With a focus on delivering value and driving innovation, QPES and OpenText Professional Services are dedicated to helping the conglomerate achieve its digital transformation goals.

The partnership between QPES and OpenText Professional Services represents a significant step forward in the journey towards digital excellence for the prominent Greek conglomerate. By harnessing the power of OpenText technology and the expertise of both organizations, the conglomerate is well-positioned to optimize its HR processes and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

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