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    Relevant Contacts:

    Meet Dejan Shindilovski:

    Member of the Group Board & Speaker of the Board

    Dejan guarantees that every project not only fulfills but also exceeds expectations thanks to his exceptional B2B and project management abilities. His in-depth knowledge of alignment and organizational culture fosters a cohesive, driven workforce that is constantly eager to take on new tasks and spur development.

    Fostering an innovative culture and ongoing development are essential to Dejan’s leadership style. He firmly believes that corporate culture and business objectives should be in line in order to keep the team going ahead as a whole. Join forces with Dejan at dshindilovski@just-faster.com and explore new collaboration ideas. Let’s work together for mutual success!


    Contact for: All Inquiries, Except Those Related to Partnerships


    Contact for: Partners and Partnerships

    Meet Şölen Özgüz:

    Secretary of the Group Board

    Şölen is a seasoned professional, who joined QPES AG in 2017 following a brief sabbatical. With a background in Metallurgical engineering, Şölen has continuously honed her skills over the years. She furthered her education with an MBA in Marketing from Bournemouth, UK, before transitioning into the IT industry.

    Şölen’s journey in the IT sector began as a Product Manager at a multinational US company, where her expertise quickly garnered attention. She was recognized by the international management for her exceptional skills and became the first ISO trained individual in her region. Şölen successfully implemented the ISO 9001 quality system across the entire organization.

    Şölen Özgüz plays a pivotal role in driving the initiatives of Just-Faster, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and facilitating effective communication among board members. You can reach her at sozguz@just-faster.com for any partnership inquiries or collaborations.

    Meet Nadiya Dreszer:

    Head of Group Customer Success Management and Group Member Board

    Nadiya brings over 14 years of extensive experience in business planning, process optimization, and IT operations. Prior to joining Just Faster Group in 2020, she excelled at QPES AG as a Program/Service Manager. Her tenure at Luxoft spanned various leadership roles, where she managed operations integration, led automation initiatives, and optimized global processes across multiple countries. Nadiya’s expertise in strategic planning, financial analysis, and software product development has been instrumental in driving operational excellence and customer success at Just Faster Group. For Customer Support and general inquiries, please contact Nadiya Dreszer at ndreszer@qpes.com.


    Contact for: Customer Success and Support

    Kostanca Mijalkova

    Contact for: HR & Career Opportunities, Job Openings

    Meet Kostanca Mijalkova:

    Head of Group HR

    Introducing our dynamic and results-oriented Human Resources Executive. With a Bachelor’s degree in Law and years of dedicated service in the field, Kostanca brings a unique mix of legal expertise and strategic HR insight to our company.

    As a passionate advocate for implementing best HR practices, she understands the crucial balance between organizational policies and the real needs of the business.

    Kostanca is also a dynamic leader, team player, and motivator. With her extensive legal background and hands-on experience, she provides invaluable consultancy and solutions to navigate even the most complex issues with finesse and efficiency.

    For expert guidance and support in navigating your professional development and enhancing your workplace experience, contact Kostanca at kmijalkova@just-faster.com

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