May 2, 2024

From Hard-Copies to Digital Files: QPES Document Digitization Service

Are you one of those businesses that are always looking for creative ways to enhance efficiency, save expenses, and simplify processes? Today’s digital age requires nothing less! One such solution offered by QPES, a member company of Just-Faster Group, is the comprehensive document digitization service. With this service, QPES takes the hassle out of managing physical documents by offering a seamless process that involves picking up hard copy documentation, digitizing them, and providing options for document delivery or destruction upon request.

The process begins with QPES’s team of professionals picking up hard copy documentation directly from the client’s location. This eliminates the need for businesses to allocate valuable time and resources to manage physical documents internally. Once the documents are in QPES’s possession, they undergo a meticulous digitization process using advanced scanning technology. This ensures that every document is accurately captured and converted into a digital format while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Once the digitization process is complete, clients have the flexibility to choose how they would like to proceed. All businesses get access to the digital files for ongoing operations, and QPES provides secure digital storage solutions. These cloud-based storage options offer convenient access to documents from anywhere, at any time, while ensuring data security and compliance with industry regulations.


After this, for clients who no longer require access to the physical documents, QPES offers the option to redeliver the initial documents or securely destroy them upon request. This not only helps businesses free up physical space but also ensures proper disposal of sensitive information, mitigating the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

By offering this comprehensive document digitization service, QPES empowers businesses to transition to a paperless environment with no disruptions. Moreover, when combined with other services offered by Just-Faster Group, such as enterprise content management, workflow automation, and digital collaboration tools, businesses can achieve a complete solution to their document management needs.

For example, integrating QPES’s document digitization service with Just-Faster Group’s enterprise content management system enables businesses to efficiently organize, access, and manage digital documents across departments and locations. This highly-organized approach enhances collaboration, accelerates decision-making processes, and ultimately drives business growth.

Furthermore, leveraging Just-Faster Group’s expertise in workflow automation allows businesses to automate document-intensive processes, reducing manual errors, and improving operational efficiency. This synergy between QPES’s document digitization service and Just-Faster Group’s suite of solutions enables businesses to optimize their document management processes while focusing on their core objectives.

QPES’s document digitization service, in conjunction with Just-Faster Group’s comprehensive business solutions, offers businesses a powerful tool to digitize, manage, and optimize their document processes. Ready to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness?

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